Comments & Complaints



If you have a suggestion for how we could improve our service, we would like to hear from you.

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Suggestions If Things Go Wrong

Sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens, and you want to complain, please get in contact. We take complaints seriously.

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Get in Touch

If you have a problem, or are concerned about something that has happened, please let us know. We will respond straight away and do our best to put things right.

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What to Expect

If you send in a form (or letter) making your complaint, we will write to let you know we have received it.

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If You’re Not Satisfied

If you are not satisfied with our reply, your complaint will be referred to the Director of Operations. The Director will reply to you within 14 working days of receiving your complaint.

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Learning from Complaints

We keep records of all the complaints we receive. We check complaints regularly to make sure we are dealing with them effectively and consistently.


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