Why Rent

Why Rent to St Ignatius?

The Association guarantees rental income to the landlord for the full duration of the lease (usually between 3-7 years),
irrespective of whether or not the Association actually houses tenants in a property.

  • We find the tenants and manage the tenancy with no management fees, no hidden costs.
  • Rent is paid directly into your account and you will not have to rely on Housing Benefits for your monthly
    rent, St Ignatius also cover council tax, electric, gas bills and water rates.
  • St Ignatius will take over all the day to day running of your property being the first contact for all tenants.
  • We will be responsible for all day to day maintenance of your property and will complete minimum monthly
    inspections to maintain your property to a high standard.

What's the difference with St Ignatius and other Rent Guaranteed Schemes?

  • If a tenant fails to pay rent directly to the organisation you do not have to worry as once you have signed
    the lease you will receive full payment of rent every month.
  • If a tenant needs to be removed from the property you do not have to worry, St Ignatius will be responsible
    for any court action and will cover all legal costs.
  • If there is any damage caused to the property, St Ignatius will take care of all maintenance within the property.
  • If any of these faults (boiler, electrical or external) are caused due to tenant accidental damage or vandalism
    then St Ignatius will complete the repairs using qualified contractors.
  • We will not contact you for any repairs unless our contractors have checked the repair and can confirm that it
    was not a tenant responsibility.
  • St Ignatius will provide tenants with an emergency out of office repairs service and will pay the invoice, again
    leaving you without any concerns that your property is at risk.
  • St Ignatius will repair or replace any damaged furniture or white goods that are no longer under warranty.

Typical Comparison example of a rental Market

 Traditional Guaranteed Letting Scheme      

St Ignatius Lease Scheme

Annual Rent£18,000£18,000
Monthly Rent£1,500£1,500
Possible Loss to Rent Arrears£0.00 - £6,000£0.00
Loss to Court Action/Eviction  £0.00 - £1,200£0.00
Tenant Find Fee£1,000 - £1,500£0.00
Annual Management Commission£1,200 - £1,500£0.00
Tenancy Renewal Fees?£0.00 - £500£0.00
Inventory Fees?£0.00 - £300£0.00
Maintenance Costs?£0.00 - £1,500 (annually)£0.00

f you really would like to rent your property and don’t ever want to worry about things like rent arrears, damage to your
property, evictions and the other hassle that comes with being a landlord then why not sit back relax or even go away for as
long as you like and let us take care of your home.

Contact Us

If you are interested and would like to take away the stressful and time-consuming difficulties (chasing late rent payments,
trying to find a new tenant) that occur when managing a property then please contact us on the details provided below.
Click here to get our contact information.

What Happens Next?

We will visit you at home at a time that suits you

  • Gas Safety Certificate by a Gas Safety Registered Engineer – we can arrange this for you.
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – we can arrange this for you as well.
  • Ten-year guarantee smoke alarms fitted on each floor of your property(ies) – we can do this for you if necessary.